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אזל המלאי
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אזל המלאי עבור /
A brave and moving book about endometriosis, the elusive disease one in every ten womensuffers frome.

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    ביטול עסקה בהתאם לתקנות הגנת הצרכן (ביטול עסקה), התשע"א-2010 וחוק הגנת הצרכן, התשמ"א-1981

Helping other women - awareness - acknowledgement - the fact that people are unaware of the condition, do not understand how it works and how it can be so mysterious and elusive, such as in my case, made me realize that I must write this book.
But I could not have imagined how fast the writing process would be, all while my life was in danger. I even told my husband I had to write a book because I may not be here for much longer and people have to know about this disease.
The threat of death makes people move and act fast.
Despite everything, I believe that life is a gift! And no moment can be relived. We must listen to our intuition, to the whispers of our hearts, and believe in ourselves and our pain.
Your pain is not in your mind.

"By revealing her personal story and offering her readers medical information and research, Avivit manages to give a name to the pain suffered by many women - one in ten - who are unfortunately often met with comments that dismiss and ignore the harsh disease and very real pain they are coping with. Her writing, which is clearly that of a woman with a great sense of purpose, will be of service to many women and girls, and imbue hope and encouragement in those who need it most." - Reuven Rivlin, President of Israel.
"This is an important project by Avivit Zahavi Binshtok, which invites the reader into the experience of life with endometriosis, including the hardships leading up to diagnosis and the difficulties of coping with its symptoms. I highly recommend reading this book, to understand that a woman with suspected endometriosis should not have to be left alone with the symptoms and consequences of the condition." - Dr. Yuval Kaufman, endometriosis specialist, Avivit's surgeon.
"An accurate description of the burdensome journey Avivit went through on her way to diagnosing a common condition with zero awareness. A guidebook for any woman." - Rebeccah Lutvik Levi, healthy sexuality counselor and diagnosed with endometriosis.
"Avivit is an incredible activist with endless energy, who takes every opportunity to discuss the condition, and her groundbreaking book will aid many women." - Briah Fund.
"Avivit Zahavi Binshtok has made it her life's goal to raise awareness for endometriosis, a highly common condition (one in ten women!) that nevertheless lacks recognition. An intriguing book from the point of view of a patient and her long journey." - Noga Medical - The Center for Advanced Gynecological Surgery.
"This book can help women who suffer from unexplained pain, as well as those who have been diagnosed with endometriosis. The process of diagnosis is significant, but the struggle doesn't end there, of course. The book relates and describes the various challenges and provides important and useful information - both for understanding the condition and connecting to support systems and medical aid." - Tamar Eshel Bialer, senior clinical psychologist and doctor of anthropology, Haifa University.